The things you can do with trolls

8 09 2008

Boba Troll, originally uploaded by CountBlockula.

That is so funny.


Ubermann Hardsuit: Samurai and Iron Yeti

8 09 2008

These hard suites are spectacular. They each have lots of tiny details without using lots of rare parts. The best thing about those are the feet.


6 09 2008

Babosa, originally uploaded by -Taylor-.

-Taylor- on flickr built this awesome, awesome hardsuit. Do you realize he is using helmets for the armor on the arms?

LoP Aquanaut 1 Dive Suit

6 09 2008

LoP Aquanaut 1 Dive Suit, originally uploaded by ѕроок.

spook on Flickr built this awesome diving suit. It was pretty smart to put that grappling hook over his shoulder.