A day at the monkey races

28 10 2008

A day at the monkey races, originally uploaded by Karf Oolhu.

The fabulanders always love these minifig abusing events, makes ’em smile.


MC Locher Inc fra

27 10 2008

MC Locher Inc fra, originally uploaded by Bisonfuehrer.

Nice tower! Like the curve.

I thought I “saw” a trike go by. . .

22 10 2008

Clear the way, people! How dangerous, a trike with saw blades as wheels.

Crazy Monkeys

21 10 2008

Freakin Monkeys, originally uploaded by Karf Oolhu.

“Important Rules (Regarding Monkeys)

1 – NEVER invite monkeys to your party – NEVER

2 – For those too stupid to read rule one. DO NOT, repeat DO NOT ask them to help you clean afterwards.”

Karf Oolhu hit the spot on this one, and did you notice?
The troll is holding a monkey wrench:-)


17 10 2008

DwarfBug04, originally uploaded by busterbuilder99.

Very creative :-). Now the question is, do dwarfs pull bug’s carriages?


16 10 2008

ZOMG!, originally uploaded by ‘Clashy.

Tubing+Minifig+old cs torso=Fun

Topiary Garden

16 10 2008

Topiary Garden, originally uploaded by tiberium_blue.

It’s ironic how this carnivores dinosaur can now be eaten by a herbivore. 🙂