Elephant And Crew

18 09 2008

Elephant And Crew, originally uploaded by Monkfish44.

The Elephant, a medium/long range cannon, one word, sweet!
I have never seen a Lego cannon being used like this.
Please post a comment if you have.


MDDR-4 ‘Growler’

11 09 2008

MDDR-4 ‘Growler’, originally uploaded by nnenn.

This is a one tread, automated ,all terrain, heavy weapons platform built by Nnenn. I really like how the top is attached to the tread.

Scorpion Halo tank

6 09 2008

Stephen on MOC pages built this sweet Halo Scorpion tank.


5 09 2008

Minutemen, originally uploaded by .Rick.

.Rick made an attempt at a Colonial Minutemen, and I think he did a good job. I’m really liking that face.

The Army

5 09 2008

Aug 30, 2008 – Brick Fair, originally uploaded by PeterPanFan.

What would you give to have this many minifigures. This is from a display at brickfair.

Upgraded tank

4 09 2008

Upgraded tank, originally uploaded by legomocs..

Legomocs on flicker added two awesome turrets to an already awesome tank. Like the description says “Who says you can’t have to cannons?”