“Horse” Three-Wheeled Medium Diesel Combat Car Mk. II

18 09 2008

Pain Parade (OW) Built this beast. This thing is packed with little details.
Plain Awesome!


Elephant And Crew

18 09 2008

Elephant And Crew, originally uploaded by Monkfish44.

The Elephant, a medium/long range cannon, one word, sweet!
I have never seen a Lego cannon being used like this.
Please post a comment if you have.

Zirrilla Roar

11 09 2008

Zirrilla Roar, originally uploaded by busterbuilder99.

This is awesome! Very creative.

The things you can do with trolls

8 09 2008

Boba Troll, originally uploaded by CountBlockula.

That is so funny.

Ubermann Hardsuit: Samurai and Iron Yeti

8 09 2008

These hard suites are spectacular. They each have lots of tiny details without using lots of rare parts. The best thing about those are the feet.

LoP Aquanaut 1 Dive Suit

6 09 2008

LoP Aquanaut 1 Dive Suit, originally uploaded by ѕроок.

spook on Flickr built this awesome diving suit. It was pretty smart to put that grappling hook over his shoulder.

Pirate Vs Ninja: The Final Round

6 09 2008

I love the creativity of that scene. I’m going to need to steal the idea for those plants.