15 09 2008

sorry about my bloging absence. I live in Cincinnati and i recently got hit by a level 1 hurricane. We had lost power for two days in the entire county



10 09 2008

00’s, originally uploaded by pe668.

This entry for the”go miniman go” contest is pure smart.

My spelling

5 09 2008

Sorry about my spelling. I’m really used to typing with a spelling correcter so this is going to take some learning. If you see some incorrect spelling just leave a comment


3 09 2008

Nocturne, originally uploaded by Nannan Z..

This may be a little old but, it is amazingly well done and the poem was done equally well .

ARC trooper gunship

3 09 2008

Commander T’s on MOC pages built this really cool gunship that looks quite like the Lego set

3 09 2008

Legohaulic has a mechanical octopus about to pop a little girl’s balloon. What a mean octopus :-). I like The suckers on the octopus.
Via vignettebricks

Mercenary Light Assault Buggy

3 09 2008

Mercenary Light Assault Buggy, originally uploaded by Chewk.

Chewk from Flickr made an awesome Buggy from the game Mercenaries 2.