The Rose Garden Inside

10 09 2008

The Rose Garden Inside, originally uploaded by tadashistate.

tadashistate on flickr built an innocent little rose garden, but look inside. There is everything a mad scientist needs! An ork, a mutant squid, a robot and more.


Waterfall Grotto

8 09 2008

Waterfall Grotto, originally uploaded by Commander Raptor.

Simple, but very cool. He did a very good job on the rock wall and cave entrance

Pirate Vs Ninja: The Final Round

6 09 2008

I love the creativity of that scene. I’m going to need to steal the idea for those plants.

What the cannibal thought…

5 09 2008

What the cannibal thought…, originally uploaded by Karf Oolhu.

What the cannibal thought…

…when a missionary tried to describe a European restaurant to him.

This is so funny. 🙂 I am loving the way he did that waitress.

A new fad?

5 09 2008

Recently I’ve seen a few racer Mechs popping up on flickr, will this be a new fad?


3 09 2008

Nocturne, originally uploaded by Nannan Z..

This may be a little old but, it is amazingly well done and the poem was done equally well .