Colorado Springs, 1899

16 10 2008

Colorado Springs, 1899, originally uploaded by Profound Whatever.

Very nice. I like the way snow is built up and the way the rock is made. I would like to see more buildings like this.



16 10 2008

ANUNGUNRAMA, originally uploaded by teikjoon.

“Nicknamed the “Right Hand of Doom”, the Anungunrama missile was a devastatingly effective anti-air weapon, responsible for a significant number of Allied losses.” LOL! That is so funny. Interesting choice for airplane color.

Pillage the village entry, finished.

14 10 2008

Wow, so much action and detail you have to look at it for five minutes to take in all the detail! My choice for winner of pillage the village contest.

Sea Wasp Assault Boat

9 10 2008

Sea Wasp Assault Boat, originally uploaded by Hobo4Evar.

Very good part usage. I never knew you could cram so much stuff in one boat!

Classic Spastle-ye olde Galaxie Explor’d

9 10 2008

Shannon Ocean made this interesting redo of the old galaxy explorer.
Part space part castle, how interesting. 🙂

Justice League

30 09 2008

100_9040, originally uploaded by monsterbrick.

I thought that bionicles with no system parts were hopeless, until i saw these! I never knew you could make such accurate figures with bionicle.

TT and Beetle

30 09 2008

TT and Beetle, originally uploaded by Mad physicist.

These are very realistic looking! Lots of great detail and you can still see the studs. I like the windshield on the beetle.