29 09 2008

Hmmm, very interesting. He made the minifigs look very much like their real life counterpart


29 09 2008

, originally uploaded by ѕроок.

Wow, this is truly amazing. Look at all those odd connections! This is very cool!

They are coming…

25 09 2008

They are coming…, originally uploaded by Don Solo.

Yikes, attack of the WALL-E’s. This is just brilliant! The way they all look coming toward you (shudders)
We will see them at NWBC. To bad I wont be there.

Haunted House Complete Display

23 09 2008

Haunted House Complete Display, originally uploaded by william.ward.

Wow, very cool, the members of Bay Area LEGO Users’ Group did a very good job on this haunted house. The house and the are around the house is very detailed. Those trees look so spooky.


23 09 2008

Gazebo, originally uploaded by legomocs..

legomocs on flicker had this amazing idea of using a Bionicle lid as a roof for his gazebo. There is also a little rabbit on the sand.

Brick of the week

20 09 2008

Congrats to the winner of the Brick of the week contest. He used the brick to make hair for a miniland scale minifig. I will be making Him a small stamp to go on his icon.

For next weeks brick is a net. Any size will do. 

Post your entries to the Brickof the week pool

Pedestrian Crossing

19 09 2008

Pedestrian Crossing, originally uploaded by Doug Idle.

Doug ldle Made this neat little modular road. It uses some very good snot.